If you love everything banana like me you will love this delicious vegan banana cake recipe. It is not easy to find a great vegan cake recipe but this one is definitely a keeper. The easy vegan banana cake is extremely moist, light and fluffy, filled to the brim with aromatic banana flavors and super easy to make. Topped with luxurious lemon frosting I told you this recipe is a winner, absolutely fantastic.

This is the best vegan banana cake recipe I know because it is easy to remember.

I also love how wholesome the cake is, thanks to the bananas. The cake is naturally sweetened with them as well as they are aiding in making it moist without a boat load of butter or oil.

Soft, pillow like cake is smeared on top with citrusy lemon frosting for a truly irresistible dessert. Lemon and banana, are both tropical complimenting flavors, work in a perfect harmony to create this amazing cake.

One of the easiest vegan banana cake recipes.

You can make the cake as a sheet pan or a layer cake, depending on your personal preferences. The sheet pan version works great for me since I like to get more slices out of it. It is also very important to use very, ripe spotted bananas for the best results. Thats is where most of the cakes sweetness comes from. I also love to sprinkle walnuts on top of the frosting for an added crunch and contrast of textures. Nutty, earthy, fragrant walnuts pair wonderfully with fresh lemony frosting and sweet tropical banana cake.