Nowadays, I don’t really often find myself in a situation where a party is about to start in my house and I have just learned about it and have to wreck my brain about the food. But if ever such a situation arises, this recipe is what i’m cooking.

I’m also cooking these pulled pork nachos for movie nights, game nights, monopoly nights and kid sleepovers. They are ready in under ten minutes, not kidding, especially if you’ve stocked up on pulled pork.

Basically, you just take a bag of tortilla chips, dump it on a baking sheet, put your pulled pork and any toppings of your choice (I really like chili beans on mins) and bake it on high for 5-6 minutes. 

If you have any meat leftovers, such as chicken or steaks or leftover pork chops, shredding those and using instead of pulled pork will also work just fine. I also tried making those with ground pork and beef, the only change is that you’ll need to bake them a little longer.

Follow the simple steps below to cook these amazing pulled pork nachos and I hope your party is a blast.