I love lazy weekends during the summer, spend in the yard doing a bit of gardening or just sun bathing with a cocktail, while my grill or smoker is cooking something marvellous, like this smoked pork shoulder.

It cooks so tender and shreds so easily, that you need no dip with it, it’s so full of smokey flavor. This smoked pork shoulder is perfect in salads, on sandwiches and tacos or just simply on its own.

Smoking a pork shoulder is such an easy process that you can do it in a very relaxed mode only checking up on the meat once in a while. The method is really fool proof if you observe only one rule – keep the temperature low and let the pork shoulder leisure in there for a long time. Think at least 6-7 hours. 

I would also recommend getting a nice hefty chunk of good quality meat. When it’s big, it takes temperature much better and will give a great juicier result.

You can let your fancy fly when it comes to the rub. You can make it spicy and hot by adding cayenne pepper or reduce the heat, depending on how you like your meat.

Did you know the smoke can come in different flavors as well? I didn’t up to not very long ago! But then I experimented with a few different kinds of wood chips and wow, the flavors were actually different? Most common wood chips used for smoking are apple or cherry, so if you have any old brunches in your garden that you cut down, don’t throw them away. But my absolute favorite is alder wood chips.

Just follow the simple instructions below to create a most fantastic pulled smoked pork shoulder!