This slow baked, tender, juicy pork shoulder with a delicious crispy crust is something my mom would cook on Sundays. Pork is a great budget saver when you can’t often afford pricey beef cuts but get too tired of eating chicken.

So, for a large family dinner or gathering, my mom would cook this pork shoulder and served it with baked potatoes and carrots and other veggies.

Since my childhood, I have tweaked this recipe a little, adding homemade gravy made from pork drippings. I think it’s a good addition because pork meat easily gets overdried, especially when you cut it up. But gravy simply makes everything better.

I usually leave the skin on my pork roast because roasted pork skin acquires a delicious crisp, if you’re into that kind of food. If you’re not, you can simply remove it before serving. But do leave it on when cooking, because it doesn’t let the meat dry.

This pork drips a lot. So, you have several options. One, you can roast baby potatoes right alongside the pork in the same pan. They will absorb the pork flavors and will be absolutely divine. Baby carrots baked the same way will get deliciously caramelized. Two, you can use the dripping to make gravy. With all the pork seasoning, it will burst with flavors.

Just follow the instructions below to make this fantastic pork shoulder roast!