Few things sound more like home to me than butter fried marinated pork chops. My mom made them this way and my grandma before her did to. Now I’m making them and since my daughter loves them so much, I’m pretty sure she’ll be making them as well.

This classical American cuisine recipe was extremely popular in the 50s and the traditional way of cooking fried pork chops we know of today goes back to that time. 

Salt and sugar marinade I use to brine the chops for at least 7-8 hours doesn’t do much to the flavor, but it makes the meat oh so tender so that even quick searing on high is enough for it to cook. 

I would most definitely recommend bone-in chops for this recipe, as when done bone-in pork chops tend to be extra tender and juicy. 

I’ve tried a huge variety of seasoning for this recipe and my conclusion is: it’s better to keep it simple. So, a bit of garlic and either thyme or rosemary and a bit of black pepper is probably all I ever use for these puppies. The herbs only underline the flavor of meat and don’t stand out too much.

In a rare case that you have leftovers, they are excellent for making salads and sandwiches. Just follow the simple instructions below!