So, you love pork chops, but don’t cook them often because of the brining and the fact that you have to do the prep such a long time before the actual cooking and you simply don’t have time to do it?

I have a recipe that is perfect for you in this case. These parmesan crusted pork chops require no brining. The cheese and Italian bread crumb breading keeps the juices in the meat from evaporating and the result is tender, juicy pork with a delicious crust.

And that’s not all. It takes less than half an hour to cook these puppies, so it’s an excellent midweek dinner option for days when you’re home late and just don’t feel like spending too much time on cooking and yet want something that’s good for dinner.

Just grab a few boneless pork chops on sale on your way home and a piece of parmesan or a bag of shredded stuff and you’re good to go.

This recipe doesn’t use many ingredients. Apart from grated parmesan, pork chops and bread crumbs, you will only need salt, pepper, a beaten egg and a bit of oil for the frying. 

If you do not have Italian breadcrumbs, you can mix regular breadcrumbs with Italian seasoning or just add a bit of dry oregano, basil and thyme to it. 

Serve those with a tossed green salad, coleslaw or any simple side dish of your choice. I hope you enjoy this lovely recipe!