So, you’ve cooked a large amount of pulled pork recently. You’ve already had it in a sandwich a couple of times, tossed it together with green salad, or maybe you didn’t, you’re just looking for a new creative way to cook something with pulled pork?

Look no further, these pulled pork enchiladas, made with a homemade enchilada sauce and filling, are just perfect. Cooked in under 20 minutes, they are a great lunch snack or even an easy dinner on a night when you don’t really feel like cooking.

The combination of pulled pork, traditional Mexican filling ingredients, such as corn kernels and beans, enchilada sauce and melted cheese over tortillas is great and will appeal to both kids and adults.

The assembly will only take a little over ten minutes and then it’ just waiting till it bakes in your oven. To make things even more easy, get the canned stuff for the filling so that you don’t even have to do a lot of prepping. I tried making those with store bought enchilada sauce and it also worked just great.

Serve those with guacamole or sour cream or even on their own, they are delicious. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Just follow the simple instructions below.