I have never heard about cookies made with co0l whip until I came across this tasty recipe. I made the cookies with my daughter and they came out amazing, not to mention how much fun we were having baking them together. It is a great recipe and delicious cookies to make with your kids, but be prepared to get messy, which is the fun part for the kids.

The cookies come out of the oven soft but as they cool they become crinkly and irresistibly chewy with delicious vanilla flavor from the vanilla extract and cake mix. And the best part is that the cookies are very versatile.

You can use different food colorings to fit the occasions like Christmas, fourth of July, Valentines day or Easter. You can also swap the vanilla cake mix for other flavors like strawberry, lemon, chocolate or red velvet cake mix.

Let your imagination ran wild and create your own cookies that suit your palette. This recipe is really just a plain canvas of flavor that can be customized to whatever your heart desires. To make the cookies is a breeze. With just a handful of basic ingredients and a few simple steps you can have yummy and appetizing cookies on your plate in no time. They are always a huge hit and magically disappear from the plate in a blink of an eye.