These irresistible sweet and salty cornflake cookies are crunchy, delicious and do not require you to fire up the oven. Very convenient and super easy to make as a quick treat when you do not have a lot of time on hand or unexpected company shows up.

I am addicted to the convenience of these absolutely fuss free cookies, especially during the hectic holiday season. Cornflake cookies make a wonderful addition to your holiday cookie gift baskets, because everyone loves them. The base of the cookies is a mixture of crashed cornflakes and kettle chips that are then covered with sweet and chewy peanut butter and sugar coating. You can also decorate the cookies with sprinkles depending on the occasion.

The cookies are plentiful tasty and abundant in flavor and texture. The multidimensional sweet and salty combination is timeless. And you only need a handful of basic ingredients and a few easy steps to make the cookies. Even the kids can do the cookies that’s how simple they are.

With a couple of useful tips you are guaranteed to have amazing results. Make sure to crash kettle chips about the same size as the cornflakes, only use creamy peanut butter since there is enough crunch going on already. The sugar coating really sets very quickly so have ingredients and parchment paper ready and on hand. After tossing the cornflakes and chips together with the sugar mixture drop them right away so it doesn’t set in the sauce pan. Decorate with sprinkles immediately if desired.