These made from scratch delicious nutter butter cookies are so much better then the store bought kind. The recipe is a copycat for Nebisco brand cookies and it is extraordinary. Soft peanut butter cookies are sandwiched with creamy peanut butter frosting.

The texture, the flavor, everything has been perfected in his cookie and it is one irresistible treat. They are soft and chewy, and thick and fluffy with delicious, creamy, savory peanut butter taste. The salty – sweet combination is simply unbeatable and peanut butter and brown sugar work together in an ideal harmony in these cookies. The brown sugar brings in caramel undertones to the cookies with dominant peanut butter flavors.

The peanut butter frosting is to die for as well. It is buttery, nutty and perfectly sweet. These cookies are a peanut butter lover’s dream come true. And the best part is that the cookies are very easy to make.

Simply make the dough and roll into little balls. Use a cookie stamp or just a fork to make the little waffle cone shape on top before baking. After the cookies are cool add the peanut butter frosting in between the 2 cookies, creating an irresistible cookies sandwich. The cookies are perfect for any occasion, be it a fancy dinner party or just a Wednesday night movie. Very easy to make but very hard to keep your hands of them.