These delicious peppermint cookies will put you right into the holiday spirit. They are amazing to add to your holiday cookie repertoire. Based off the white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies the nuts are swapped for the crushed candy canes.

The cookies are fluffy and almost pillow like soft with melty white chocolate chips and crunchy pieces of candy cane. They are simply irresistible and melt in your mouth when you bite into them.

To make the cookies is the breeze, with just a handful of basic ingredients, under half an hour and with a few helpful tips you can have perfect Christmas inspired cookies on your plate that are phenomenal. They look so festive and appetizing on the plate nobody will be able to resist them.

For the most esthetically pleasing presentation I recommend simply pressing cookie balls into the crushed candy cane. To crash the candy you can place the candy canes in a zip lock bag and smash them with a rolling pin to contain the mess or you can purchase crushed candy canes online.You can also add nuts like walnuts and macadamia for an added crunch. Use the ice cream scoop to scoop out the dough before dipping it into the crushed candy canes and then chill in the fridge for about 10 minutes so the cookies do not spread out too much.

The cookies are delicious and easy to make, you might love them so much they will be permanently added to your Christmas treats list.