Biscotti is Italian for “twice-baked” and are delicious crunchy cookies with a very little moisture in them that are perfect for dunking into the tea, coffee or milk. This recipe is for the Italian classic- almond biscotti with just a touch of lemon flavor from the added lemon zest.

The cookies are firm and crunchy with delicious almond and vanilla flavors from the extracts that are being infused into the dough, they also have whole almonds in them and beautiful lemon undertones. All the flavors work together in a perfect harmony to create this simply irresistible cookie.

But they are mostly famous for their crunch since once the biscotti dough log is baked and then cut, they go back into the oven for the round two of baking. The longer these Italian biscotti stay in the oven, the crisper they will get. It is however up to your personal preferences and depending on how firm and crunchy you want them to be, you do not have to double bake them, they are equally delicious after the first baking.

To make them is actually very easy. All you need is a couple of mixing bowls, the ingredients and your two hands to form the dough logs. No special kitchen equipment or rolling and cutting out shapes needed. Creating the logs is the only possibly challenging step but with this foolproof technique it will be a piece of cake. This simple and scrumptious biscotti might become your favorite coffee accompaniment.