A barbecue cookout with friends and family is one of the best things during summer. It’s always fun, the table’s full with delicious food, and everyone’s having a great time. Well, maybe not the person who has to cook everything. But actually, there are plenty of ways to make cooking on a grill during a family gathering a fun experience.

Grilled chicken is one of everyone’s favorite things to cook during a bbq day. It’s pretty simple, it turns out delicious, you can eat it as is, serve it with Caesar salad or something similar or use it in a sandwich. Very versatile.

There are also a variety of recipes for grilling chicken. The prep mostly differs in terms of marinade. It’s up to you whether to marinate chicken or not. Marinade can make your chicken more flavorful. It also may make dryer cuts, like chicken breast, softer. However, chicken grills very well even if you simply rub it with salt, pepper and herbs before grilling.

I do recommend using a meat thermometer to gauge chicken for readiness, especially if you cook large pieces, bone in and skin on. Food safe temperature of the chicken meat, when it’s ready, is 165F. It’s better to also check that there’s no pink at the bone and the juices run clear.

Follow the simple instructions below to cook amazing grilled chicken in a few easy steps.

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