It may seem that we don’t eat hard boiled eggs that often, hardly ever. But actually, we do and quite often. Hard boiled eggs are used to make numerous salads, they are a vital ingredient for various Asian soups and we often see them as stuffing for various meatloaves and meaty casseroles.

But hard boiled eggs, although simple as they seem, might be a little tricky. So how exactly does one make perfect hard boiled eggs?

If you boil your eggs for only a shot time, the yolks will be still runny and you won’t be able to use them for salads or other dishes. But if you overcook your eggs, the yolk will be too dry and flaky, with a sickly greenish color on the outside, which also isn’t exactly pretty or nice texture wise.

However, the method to cooking nice hard boiled eggs is simple. Depending on the size of your eggs and your stove function, it will take about 5 to 7 minutes for them to be ready after the water starts boiling. Usually, eggs are boiled on high. If you’re not sure that they are ready, after about 5 minutes, turn the heat to low and wait for another 2 minutes.

In order to make the peeling easier, crack the eggs with a table utensil, such as a knife or fork and place them in very cold water immediately after you take them off the heat.

Just follow the simple instructions below and let me know if you have any good tips to share on how to hard boil eggs!

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