Turkey becomes almost everyone’s big headache once the holiday season is close. It’s just so very easy to spoil it, one wrong step, and you’re having takeouts for Thanksgiving.

Thawing a turkey is an important step to make your holiday dinner and preparations for your holiday dinner, fun and enjoyable. A properly thawed turkey will cook well, no matter if you grill it or roast it. It will be juicy and moist throughout and served with gravy and veggies, it will be a highlight of your holiday menu.

There are two methods to thaw a turkey so that it’s in good condition for further cooking. You either thaw it in the fridge or in a big pan full of tap water. Thawing in the fridge may take several days. Allow at least 24 hours for each 4 pounds of turkey.

If it so happens that you forgot all about the turkey up to the very day before Thanksgiving or so, and it needs to be thawed, you can that it in water. It may take up to 8-10 hours for a large bird. Use only cold water so that it thaws evenly and the outside doesn’t get mushy with warm water. The larger your bird is, the longer it will take, but thawing in water takes much faster than thawing in the fridge anyway.

Below are a few easy steps to thaw a turkey.

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