Tender, juicy pork chops with crispy crust and delicious meaty flavor are a perfect dinner for meat lovers. However, as simple as they may look at first sight, it’s quite easy to spoil your pork chops. Underdone pork chops can have all the taste and texture of a rubber sole, and overdone pork chops are too dry and chewy.

So, how does one bake perfect pork chops that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside? Let’s find out.

First, you pick your chops. Depending on how you want them to be cooked and what flavor you prefer, pick bone-in for more juiciness and boneless if you plan on using a meat tenderizer or intend to braise them. But for simple baking in an oven, bone-in is always the best choice.

If you’re sure of the meat quality and the pork chops come from a young animal, cutting them into half-inch thick pieces and roasting on high will create meat that is crispy and juicy enough. If you aren’t so sure about the meat or your cooking skills, marinating or brining your pork chops prior to baking is a great way to tenderizing them. Also, if you add herbs and spices to the marinade, they will give your pork chops additional flavor.

Having a kitchen thermometer at hand will save you a tremendous amount of fretting and checking. 145F is a good temperature for pork chops that are done.

Now, just follow the simple steps below to cook the most delicious baked pork chops for your dinner!

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