Baked sweet potatoes make for a lovely side dish when you’re tired of your side dish regulars and want something different, but aren’t willing to spend too much time and money on your whims.

Sweet potatoes are great to taste, they are chock full of good nutrients and are quite inexpensive. Absolutely perfect during the fall, especially if you’re pretty sick of all things pumpkin.

There are a few tricks to cooking baked sweet potatoes, and the method is pretty simple. The first tip goes like this. Don’t bake big potatoes. Choose thinner, longer ones. They will bake better and faster – and I actually think they taste sweeter.

If you only have big sweet potatoes available to you, here’s what you can do. Cut them into halves across the length and wrap each half in foil and bake it this way. If you’re baking whole potatoes, I recommend making several big slashes across the potato flesh with a knife.

Sweet potatoes are great with a variety of toppings, such as melted butter, herbs, sour cream, tahini. Baked sweet potatoes also can be kept refrigerates for some time and you can use them in a variety of recipes, such as salads, for example.

I also recommend baking them on high and for a shorter amount of time. This way the result will be soft, caramelized, moist and tender sweet potato. You will absolutely love it! You can also cook sweet potatoes in Instant Pot, on steaming mode. It will only require a single cup of water and 20 minutes of pressure cooking.

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook excellent baked sweet potatoes in a few easy steps.

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