When I hear strawberry and banana in the same sentence, I usually think, mmm, dessert. Technically, this recipe is bread, but it’s so sweet and crumbly and full of fruity flavors, that I’ve served it as a dessert and no one really guessed.

This is a very quick and simple recipe for those who don’t feel like fancy cakes, but would like to have something homemade and baked and sweet and traditional.

It’s also a great way to utilize bananas that are getting out of shape. When I see mine getting covered with the little black dots, I know I’m making some kind of a banana bread.

There are a few tips to make this bread especially good. One, make sure your strawberries are either not very big or cut them into smaller cubes, let the excess liquid be removed and toss them with a bit of flour before adding them to the batter.

Strawberries are very juicy and if you don’t do that, they may release so much moisture while baking, your bread simply won’t set. Two, you can substitute sour cream with plain yoghurt to reduce the calorie count. Three, using whole wheat flour may not be a grand idea, as it will change the bread texture drastically. The whole wheat fibers won’t soak up enough moisture from the berries.

Other than that, just follow the simple instructions below and I hope you have fun with this recipe!