Bread Recipes

Do you like it when delicious aroma of the homemade bread you bake is wafting around the kitchen and filling your home with a wonderful smell? We’ve collected the best easy bread recipes and tips. Brown, white, veggie, we have it all! Let us help you pick the right recipe out of all the versions!

There are few things better than homemade bread. Delicious, crusty, warm, made with a bunch of various ingredients to suit any occasion. Find a variety of recipes here.

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10 Best Bread Recipes

Tired of cooking bread recipes the same way all the time? Here are a few choice recipes that will blow your mind!

Pumpernickel Bread ?

Pumpernickel bread is a sweet rye bread with a crumbly texture and intense taste. A variety of flour is used for the dough which creates a great texture and flavor. This bread is perfect for all type of open sandwiches. View Recipe

Strawberry Banana Bread ?

This wonderful strawberry banana bread is a quick and easy way to get a sweet fix, an excellent breakfast or something to go with your afternoon coffee or tea. It’s chock full of fruity flavors and has a lovely crumbly texture you will not soon forget. View Recipe

Lemon Bread ?

With its lovely citrusy freshness, sweet taste and light texture, this lemon bread is perfect for breakfast. It packs a nice fresh flavor punch and is good with coffee, tea, as a quick sweet fix or in any other way you like. View Recipe

Multi-grain Bread ?

Full of various grains, some of which are truly superfoods, this vegan multi-grain bread is an amazing source of fiber and vital nutrients. A great way to start your day, to say nothing of how delicious it is. Serve it for breakfast with various breakfast spreads of your choice. View Recipe

Melon Bread ?

This unusual melon bread is a traditional Japanese sweet bread. It's a Wonderfull combination of cookie dough on the outside and soft bread dough inside. This makes this pastry bread both crispy and tender. View Recipe

Sweet Bread ?

If your idea of a perfect breakfast is homemade bread or a freshly baked sweet pastry with a cup of coffee, this sweet bread is just the recipe you've been looking for. Filled with cream cheese and berry jam, it's absolutely delicious. View Recipe

Corn Bread ?

Cornbread is a traditional bread we all love to see on the table during holiday season. This recipe offers a simple, old-fashioned way to bake great cornbread. View Recipe

Unleavened Bread ?

Almost any Asian cuisine has a recipe for unleavened bread. It's served with almost any meal, with dips, as wraps and snacks. This unleavened bread recipe comes from Yemen. It's easy to prep and bake and can be used in a variety of ways. View Recipe

Easy Zucchini Bread ?

The smell of warm roasting cinnamon, wafting from the oven, is taunting. No-one can resist this super easy and delicious zucchini bread. Serve it with cream cheese an enjoy! View Recipe

Chocolate Bread ?

This chocolate bread is technically a cake. But since it’s also bread, you can definitely enjoy it like bread. For breakfast, for instance. It’s full of chocolate flavor and chocolate chips and pecans bring a lovely crunch to the texture. View Recipe
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