Many Middle Asian cuisines have some of the most delightful unleavened breads that are served almost with any meal, as a snack with various dips and serve as wraps for a variety of fillings.

I really love the idea of unleavened bread because it’s so unassuming and versatile in terms of what you can serve it with. This recipe comes from Yemen. It’s pretty simple to cook and the result is soft, airy, fluffy bread that goes excellent with many Asian dishes.

I love serving it with hummus and sour cream or with a stir fry and my daughter loves to steal a piece here and there. Another good thing about this bread is that it keeps very well, and you can freeze it and keep it frozen for up to several months. It can make for a really excellent quick lunch if you defrost it and throw some stir fried goodies on top.

The baking process for this bread is pretty simple. It takes just a few ingredients, it’s perfectly vegan-friendly and dairy free.

For better results, it’s great to use pizza stone, or so the original recipe suggests, but if you, like me, don’t own one, a baking sheet turned upside down will do just fine.

Follow the simple steps below to bake this wonderful unleavened bread and I hope you enjoy it!