Sometimes I just need a citrus fix and it better not be a cake or an ice cream or even lemony drink. This is when I remember I have a great lemon bread recipe stashed away.

This lemon bread is quick and simple to make, it has a delightful citrus flavor that will burst on your tongue and it’s glazed with a lovely lemon and sugar glaze for extra freshness and flavor punch.

And with less than 200 calories per piece, I think this is certainly my bread of choice. Also excellent news? Use any kind of dairy free milk and coconut butter to make this bread vegan-friendly without losing anything in flavor or texture department.

This bread is perfect to serve on a weekend morning for breakfast, it’s good with coffee or tea, it’s something that you can bring to work to give away to your colleagues on a special occasion, because everyone will like it and and it’s stylish and simple enough.

I usually put lemon zest in both the batter and the glaze, but keep in mind, that the zest adds a bit of a tang and also a bit of a chewy texture to the bread itself, so if you’e like to skip that, you easily can.

Other than that, just follow the instructions below and enjoy!