Veggie bread recipes have my eternal love. Seriously, first of all, it’s a great way to sneak in a healthy veggie serving into a breakfast of those who aren’t really big fans of veggies otherwise (read – kids). Second, they are usually delicious. And third – they are very healthy and have plenty vegan, gluten free, Keto, paleo and other variations.

This gluten free pumpkin bread has it all. The flavor, it’s brilliant. The coloring is perfect not just for the fall season, but for any season. It’s gluten-free, lower on calories than your regular bread, and it goes oh so well with so many things, from cream cheese spreads to various sandwich toppings.

This bread is sweet and just like in classical pumpkin bread, it has raisins. If you would like a less sweet bread, just lower the amount of sugar and skip the raisins. You can easily substitute them with nuts, my personal choice would be walnuts of pecans, unsweetened.

This recipe calls for the use of Xanthan gum. This is a binding agent, used often in gluten-free recipes to keep the ingredients together. Regular gluten  is a great binding agent, and it also helps the dough to rise, so, with it being absent, your bread will need a bit of help with binding and rising, but you can also skip this step. I’d recommend adding an extra egg in this case though.

Just follow the simple instructions below to make this wonderful bread and I hope it will make it to your stash of fave gluten-free recipes.