If you are looking into a way to surprize your special someone, cooking a good dessert is usually a way to go. But what is a good dessert? A complicated cake may not turn out the way you wanted, especially if you aren’t yet very sure around baking. Cooking something too simple may not provide that special feeling. Is there actually something like a golden mean?

I think this rich, scrumptious chocolate bread pudding might be it. It’s pretty easy to cook, the ingredients are simple pantry staples and it looks and tastes like a dessert you’ve put a lot of effort into.

I recommend making it with challah bread or any good, home-like bread you’ve picked from a bakery. Don’t use the sliced packaged kind of bread that keeps for a long time, you’ll spoil the thing.

Adding Bourbon, whiskey or brandy is entirely optional. The quantity listed in the recipe won’t make the pudding taste of alcohol, and the alcohol will all evaporate during the baking process, but the chocolate flavor will be more intense.

Serve this lovely pudding while it’s still relatively hot, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and your loved one will most definitely not forget the great evening and the treat. Enjoy!