Every hipster bakery place I’ve been to sports some kind of a complicated multi-grain bread that features so many great ingredients, half of them superfoods, that I rarely can’t walk away without buying a loaf.

I’ve always wanted a multi-grain recipe like this so that I can make this kind of bread at home. And this recipe is the one. It might seem a bit complicated at first sight, but it’s just because the process is lengthy. Other than that, there’s really nothing difficult about it.

But just think about it, ten various grains. You have quinoa, which is a superfood, and flax seeds, a great source of vegan omega acids, vital for our health. You have oats and brown rice, sunflower seeds and several kinds of flour, all great sources of fiber and a load of nutrients.


This recipe is vegan, as it has no dairy products or eggs, so you can definitely add that to your vegan diet list. There are a few tips and perks to making this bread. First, do not disregard making a soaker overnight. The thing is, some of the grains, such as oats and cereal and quinoa, require a longish time to get cooked soft and proper. If you simply throw them into your dough, the baking time won’t be enough for them to cook. 

Soaking them in water overnight, on the contrary, will bring out their texture and flavor beautifully.

You can bake this bread in a loaf pan or shape it the way you want it and bake it, just make sure you adjust the baking time or follow the toothpick rule to check for readiness. Other than that, the detailed instruction is below. Enjoy!