Finding a bread recipe that would be Keto friendly is truly a hardship. Mostly because everything Keto is is absolutely not what bread is. Bread as we know it is carbs, carbs and more carbs, some are just more refined than others.

But this coconut bread really is Keto friendly. Not only that, it retains everything we love in bread. The fluffy texture, the baked goodness, it’s gluten free and you can even make it without dairy if you like, just swap butter for olive oil and you’re all set.

This bread is made of coconut flour which is very fine in texture and creates a bread that is both soft and crumbly. There’s a thing about coconut flour, it acts as a really great adsorbent, so don’t be surprised that so little flour is actually used in the recipe. It soaks up the liquid ingredients very well, yielding excellent bread.

We use a lot of eggs in this recipe, because of the Keto component and also because the moisture from the eggs reacts really well with the coconut flour. You won’t believe how low carb this bread actually is! And with just five ingredients, this bread is really simple to make.

Looking for ways to make a Keto sandwich? Serve this bread in slices with chicken breast or salmon or roast beef. It’s absolutely delicious!