Oatmeal is great for you, everyone knows that. Oatmeal may not taste good to you or have a right texture when it’s cooked traditionally, as a porridge, but there are, fortunately, plenty of other ways to cook oatmeal that are both good and delicious. One of them is oatmeal bread.

This oatmeal bread is as good as it gets. It sports the lovely golden color and has the distinct nutty taste of the oatmeal. The recipe is practically foolproof and very easy to make.

Oatmeal is naturally gluten-free, but because of that it doesn’t rise all that well. In this recipe, we use a bit of wheat flour, which makes it contain gluten. If you opt for a completely gluten-free bread, you can avoid using anything but oatmeal, but you may want to add more yeast and maybe an egg to make it rise better. The bread will also be a bit more dense in this case.

You can also use whole grain flour instead of regular bread wheat flour. This way your bread will contain more fiber, which is very good for digestion and metabolism.

Use this bread to make open sandwiches, toasts or canapes, it’s good for a great many things. I hope you enjoy it!