This traditional Filipino bread is called Pan de Coco and is sold at every corner in Philippines. It’s stuffed with a lovely fresh coconut filling, and combined with a soft, puffy texture of the bread, it’s very intense.

This bread is great for breakfast, you will find it on a buffet menu in many resort hotels in the South Pacific, and now, you can make this lovely bread at home with only pantry staples.

I would most definitely recommend using instant yeast for this, because you don’t have to let it activate and can just toss it into the dough mixture, which simplifies the process for me immensely.

The filling is usually put inside the buns before baking, so you’ll have to do a bit of rolling out and wrapping up, but the result is absolutely worth the fuss.

If your local store doesn’t sell fresh coconuts or they are out of season or you simply don’t really want to prepare and grate the coconut, using dessicated coconut is absolutely fine, besides, it’s sold at practically any grocery store everywhere. 

Follow the simple instructions below to bake this awesome bread and I hope you enjoy it!