I really like banana bread, but it took me a while to find a combo of ingredients that produced a bread that is perfect for me. The thing is, I like my bread, well, bready. But if you add too much sugar to the mix, it will be more a cake than bread.

This banana and walnut bread offers a perfect combination of ingredients for those who prefer their bread to be not overly sweet. This bread still retains enough sweetness from bananas and the walnuts add a lovely crunch to the texture.

The other advantage of this recipe is that it can be mixed in a single bowl by hand, basically. You won’t need an electric mixer or any other fancy kitchen devices, and you won’t have to sweat kneading the dough for half an hour. 

This is also a great way to utilize over ripe bananas. We happen to have those very often, as I tend to always buy bananas to have a piece of fruit to grab off the counter at all times. If life gets a bit hectic, I just forget about bananas and only notice them when they start sporting a handful of black dots and this is when I’m not really eager to eat them. Hence banana bread. 

Ripe bananas are easily mashed with a fork and then you just throw every other ingredient in. It also helps if you line the bottom of your baking dish with baking parchment so that the bottom of the bread doesn’t stick to it and you will have no problem getting it out.

Just follow the simple steps below to cook a most amazing banana bread for your breakfast! I hope you enjoy this recipe.