This pressure cooker risotto with chicken thighs recipe is a major time saver and a perfect diner for a hectic weeknight. Instant pot will create this delicious dish for you without almost any effort and hassle. But there is absolutely no sacrifices in taste and creamy texture. The risotto is cheesy, irresistibly creamy and is done in a fraction of the time with half of the broth, and most importantly no constant stirring required.

The recipe for the pressure cooker risotto is foolproof and is easy even for the beginner cooks. All you need is a handful of basic ingredients, instant pot and simple instructions.

Sauté mushrooms and chicken thighs, then sauté your aromatics like shallots and garlic, add risotto rice to sauté in butter for the best nutty flavor, glaze with the white wine, add warmed up broth and pressure cook. Add cheese and fresh spinach as a finishing touch and serve as desired. This cheesy risotto with chicken makes a phenomenal comforting complete meal in a flash.

I use skinless bone-in chicken thighs for the risotto. The skin doesn’t crisp up in the pressure cooker so why even bother to have it. The bones though give the risotto an intense chicken flavor that is to die for. It is rich and luscious especially when combined with homemade chicken stock used to cook risotto in. Buy the store-bought one will do just fine as well. Spinach adds a fun pop of color and unbeatable freshness with earthy button mushrooms really working in harmony with chicken. Pressure cooker risotto is hearty and delicious and effortless to make.