Completely out of ideas what to do with all that leftover risotto sitting in your fridge with no destination? Risotto balls are a clever and indulgent way to use up leftover risotto rice. This is one of this brilliant recipes where the leftover dish is the reason to make the original one in the first place.

These delicious two-bite risotto balls are covered in crispy coating and when you bite into them reveal decadent cheesy rice and oozing mozzarella cheese. They are rich and flavorful and extremely comforting, make a wonderful appetizer for any occasion and are always a huge hit.

They are also so easy to make and so hard to keep your hands off them and not to devour the whole plate all at once. The process of making risotto balls is pretty basic. Create the balls by mixing leftover risotto with egg yolks also hide a piece of mozzarella cheese inside the ball for the stringy cheesiness with every bite. Set up the dredging station with 3 separate bowls, one with flour, one with egg whites and one with breadcrumbs. Dredge the risotto balls and pan fry in oil.

The hardest thing about the risotto balls is to have enough self control and not sink your teeth in one of these scrumptious puppies right away. You want them warm for the melty, stringy cheese effect but you do not wanna burn your mouth.