If you live a busy working lifestyle and are trying to eat health-consciously traditional meatloaf recipes may not really fit into your dinner dish requirements. 

However, this Paula Deen meatloaf, coming directly from the Food Network star Paula Deen, will surprize on on how healthy it is, as well as juicy, delicious and wallet-friendly.

It uses oats instead of traditional bread or breadcrumbs and diced tomatoes instead of milk, which reduces the calorie count and makes it dairy free and gluten free, if you use gluten free oats.

This meatloaf is made of lean ground beef, but worry not, it will not be dry because of that, the diced tomatoes will make sure of that. 

If you need to down the calorie count even more, you can skip adding the sugar to the glaze. 

Make sure you mix the ingredients well so that the liquid distributes evenly, but don’t overmix to prevent it from being too dense. 

The method is as simple as for any other meatloaf – mix everything together, form a loaf, bake it and then glaze it.

This meatloaf recipe is perfect for serving with a tossed green salad or steamed vegetables. A hearty meal for those who stick to a diet. It will fill you up without packing too many calories, easily fitting into 1500 kcal a day plan! I hope you enjoy it.