Now, this is the kind of meatloaf I bet you haven’t had before. My family eats a lot of meat, all of us, and I have to say, we are a bit of spoiled brats when it comes to variety. I’d love to say that it’s due to my tremendous cooking skill, but it’s not so, I guess it’s just the way we are.

So, everytime I find a recipe that brings variety to my cooking routine, I love it. This chicken meatloaf is exactly that. If we get tired of all the traditional chicken dishes and if I have cooked meatloaf not long ago and no one wants to have another one anytime soon, this chicken meatloaf might do the trick.

Not only is it a good alternative for both traditional chicken and meatloaf recipes, but it also has a unique Asian flavor courtesy of chosen herbs of spices and a bit of veggie crisp and bite brought to you by water chestnuts.

Like with any other meatloaf, it’s important not to overmix the mead mix. Chicken meat is leaner than even the leanest beef or pork, so in order for the meatloaf not to be overly dry, I’d recommend using a fattier variety of the ground chicken or add a bit of fatty ground pork to the mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Just follow the quick steps below.