Meatloaf seems like such an amazingly simple dish, something from our childhood, a comfort food that you can’t go wrong with. Actually, you can. There are plenty of ways you can make your meatloaf too bland, too dry or just plain tough as a brick. 

This Brown Sugar Meatloaf is absolutely foolproof. Even if you haven’t cooked meatloaf ever before, you won’t find it hard to cook it and to cook it to perfection. And the brown sugar and ketchup glaze it’s covered with gives it a delightful flavor.

There are a few more tricks to this meatloaf recipe that make it great. One of them using bread instead of breadcrumbs. I usually soak the bread in milk – it becomes spongy, fluffy and oh so soft. I think this is what makes the meatloaf fluffy and tender.

I also do this – I glaze it before baking and I make it in a regular baking dish so that the glaze covers all the sides except for the bottom. Glazed pieces are the best. And then, after the meatloaf is baked, I glaze it some more. There really couldn’t be too much glaze in this.
I hope these tips will help you make the best meatloaf ever. Oh, and don’t forget – it’s better not to overmix the meat mix so that it’s not too dense. Enjoy!