I really like Betty Crocker recipes, because they make home style cooking look like something fabulous, because they are easy and because there are plenty of tips and tricks to make cooking faster and simpler.

This Betty Crocker meatloaf is no exception, it does have a feel of a really tried and honed homemade recipe and if you’re looking for an ultimate meatloaf to be made at home with no effort, with style and with easy, Betty Crocker meat loaf might just be it.

Betty Crocker uses all the traditional ingredients with no real extras added, but there are a few tricks that make this meatloaf especially homey and delicious. First, don’t overmix the ‘dough’ for the loaf. That is, if you don’t want a brick instead of a meatloaf. 

There’s a fine line between mixing all the ingredients well so that the breadcrumbs are evenly distributed and don’t form lumps and overmixing it so that the meatloaf is dense.

Second, after you form your meatloaf, have it refrigerated for 4-5 hours. It’s best if you make it in the morning and bake it right before dinner. If you do that, the breadcrumbs will soak up the juices from the meat and onions and the meatloaf will be extra fluffy.

If you want your meatloaf to have an extra crispy crust, skip baking it in a loaf-shaped baking dish and use a regular baking dish instead. 

Other than that, just follow the very simple steps below to create a great homemade dinner for a midweek night.