If you or any of your family are into hunting you must have faced the problem of processing the deer meet. Of course, there’s always an option of sending your deer to the butcher who will give you back all those lean steaks and sausages, but still there will be a lot of meat and even eating venison steak everyday might get old.

Venison is full of flavor and performs great in diverse recipes just like pork or beef. So it’s no wonder that making a meatloaf with venison is a great idea for a twist in a very traditional and tried recipe.

You will have to use ground venison for the meatloaf, and since the meat is very lean, you will need extra fat added to it. Pork or beat fat work just fine, you won’t even have to ask your butcher about it, they will know. 

Another top secret to making your meatloaf tender and melt-in-your-mouth soft is not overmixing it. If you mix it too much, you might end up with a stone hard meatloaf no amount of sauce and flavor will salvage.

This venison meatloaf is perfect when served with traditional side serving of mashed potatoes and green beans. Any other grilled or steamed veggies will also do just fine with it.

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook a most awesome venison meatloaf and you’ll know what else you’ll be doing next time your hunting turns in a lot of deer meat, apart from venison steaks.