Combining a traditional meatloaf with a no less traditional bbq is probably one of the best kitchen ideas that has entered my mind. First, I really do love me a little twist on a dish that I cook pretty often, which is true about meatloaf. 

Second, the combination turned our just so delicious, that after eating this BBQ meatloaf, even the toughest meatloaf protesters may be turned into the staunchest meatloaf admirers and I’ve actually seen it happen.

Because I like making my own barbecue sauce, in this recipe I’m using a combination of herbs and spices I usually use for rubbing bbq steaks and a homemade bbq sauce. But you can absolutely forgo this and use an off the shelf bottle of barbecue sauce and bbq spice from a packed mix.

Using fresh chopped onion instead of onion powder is also great, as it will give a little veggie to the texture.

Of course, the grandest way is to cook this meatloaf on a grill. But if you’re not up for grilling or don’t have one, adding a little liquid smoke will be just fine as well.

Follow the simple instructions below to cook a most amazing BBQ meatloaf ever and I hope you enjoy it!