Let’s say you need a dinner dish that is healthy, features both meat and veggies, preferably in a kid friendly form (which excludes steamed broccoli or celery smoothies p for most kids) and it won’t take you ages to cook it. And, it won’t chop off a hefty amount of money from your grocery budget.

This Mexican meatloaf is it, seriously. A lovely green check mark for each of the above. It has ground turkey, which is lean and as healthy as they come. Spinach, too, and if this is not the only dish my kid eats spinach in, I’m a ballerina. It also has chili and salsa and onions all of which create a flavor burst.

As you can see, I’m a great fan of this meatloaf recipe and I’m pretty sure you will be too once you try it. Because apart from all the above mentioned goodies it has, it is also amazingly easy to make. Even it’s one of those days when you have little more energy for anything than cooking a packed ramen or heating up some leftovers, you won’t find this recipe too hard or tiresome.

Basically you just dump everything in a bowl, mix it lightly and bake it. That’s really it! Just toss some salad for the side dish or give the kids a couple of bread buns to stuff with meatloaf cuts and you’re all set.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and it might just save a day for you like it did for me a few times.