I love going to Cracker Barrel once in a while, for a good serving of old country food and a homey warm feeling. That’s why recreating their meatloaf, which is one of their staple foods, was a great thing to try out for me.

The combination of veggies, lean beef and cheese in this meatloaf is delicious and produces and unfailingly great result.

This meatloaf is pretty traditional as far as ingredients go. I used crackers instead of breadcrumbs, RItz or anything similar, because the cheddar maked the meat mix pretty soft already. 

I’m not sure I got the flavors exactly as they are in Cracker Barrel, but this tastes close enough. I make the ketchup topping with brown sugar and yellow mustard for a bit of a bite.

The prep is very easy. You basically just throw everything together, give it a little mix and bake it. Make sure not to overwork the mixture, so that the meatloaf is not too tough. You can bake it using a loaf shaped dish or form it by hand, depending on how you want your result.

Serve it with mashed potatoes, steamed or grilled veggies or any other old country style food for a hearty, delicious dinner. I hope you enjoy this recipe!