Step up your football night game with these southern style fried chicken wings. There’s nothing better than crisp, flavorful breading on a tender piece of chicken—especially one with the unique flavor of grated Parmesan cheese. And not just any chicken pieces, rich and indulgent chicken wings which makes this recipe a double winner.

Succulent chicken wings are dredged in fragrant flour mixture infused with aromatic oregano, paprika, mustard and savory parmesan cheese, dipped in milk and then deep fried to a crispy perfection in a true southern cooking fashion.

I love the addition of paprika, oregano, and dried mustard that make the flavored flour mix. This is a great coating for fried chicken of any kind, especially when served with traditional southern side dishes like collard greens and mashed potatoes. The batter has an amazing crunch and the meat is tender, juicy, and pulling off the bone with ease.

 The recipe is simple and pretty straightforward. It is easy, quick, and really doesn’t make much of a mess despite the coating and pan-frying, which is always a bonus.

Chicken wings are always everyones favorite, especially the fried kind. Serve them with any of your favorite dipping sauces to really wow the crowd. They are a quick and budget friendly appetizer that always comes out delicious and bursting with flavors. Thanks to the skin and bones in the wings they have the best possible chicken flavor. Follow the easy steps for the southern fried chicken wings.