If you ever are feeling tired of a traditional kitchen staple recipe, the best way to revive it is give it a new shape. A pie instead of a cake, individual portions instead of a single large dish, so on.

Serving meatloaf in a sandwich is probably the best thing that might happen to meatloaf. It’s exceedingly good for sandwiches. With texture not unlike hamburger, but baked whole and sliced into big chunks, spiced just right, this meatloaf sandwich is simply perfect.

And here’s the secret ingredient to make it super extra, I’m disclosing it right away. Instead of regular ketchup, use apple butter. I put it both into the meatloaf mixture when I bake it and use it as a sauce for the sandwich. The flavor is out of this world, I’m telling you. 

This recipe calls for crackers, broken into fine crumbs, and I wouldn’t recommend swapping it for something softer because you will need a meatloaf with a texture that is slightly denser than regular, for the sandwiches.

The sandwich bread is basically just grilled bread and cheese and I’d recommend simply taking your favorite kind of bread for this. Any melting cheese such as mozzarella, provolone or swiss cheese will be good in this, use your favorite.

All this will produce a comfort meal that will give you a boost of warmth and energy and will make you feel better on a day that you might have thought is ruined. I hope you enjoy this recipe!