If you’re trying to eat consciously or are counting your calories or simply are laying off fatty foods, this healthy meatloaf recipe is the one for you.

This meatloaf recipe uses lean and juicy turkey meat as a base and swapping regular breadcrumbs for oats provides you with a hefty amount of good carbs and fibers. If you wish you can add more veggies to it to make it complete with a vegetable serving.

Turkey is excellent for meatloaf, especially if it’s thigh and leg ground turkey, because it’s very lean and at the same time, pretty juicy. Taking 90-93% lean ground turkey meat is excellent for this meatloaf. 

If you’re using breadcrumbs, try whole wheat or gluten free, for extra healthy options. Mix everything by hand, but try not to overwork it, otherwise the meatloaf will turn out too tough.

There are a few changes and options you have flavor-wise. Try swapping regular ketchup for BBQ sauce or adding a bit of hot tobasco to the mix for a bit of a spicy bite. 

Meatloaf freezes really well, so you can shape your loaf and stick it in your freezer to whip out on a hectic night when you have no time or energy to cook. 

Serve this meatloaf with steamed vegetables or rice or whole wheat noodles for a good nutrient value. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!