Pepperoni pizza is probably the most popular and beloved one among adults and kids in America. But with rich pepperoni, loads of cheese and refined flour dough it is more of a splurge and an indulgence then an everyday food, especially if you are watching your calorie intake.

But with this wholesome recipe you do not need to worry about the scale and enjoy your favorite dish guilt free. This pizza is light and healthy, the secret to achieve it is to swap you regular pizza ingredients with more nutritious and wholesome ingredients but there is no sacrifices in the flavor at all.

Part skim mozzarella saves on calories without compromising the taste. I also love using turkey pepperoni instead of regular, it is delicious and doesn’t flood the pizza with grease. Whole wheat pizza crust is used in place of white flour one. It is dense in nutrients and fiber and has lovely rustic flavor to it. Fragrant tomato and basil sauce rounds up the ingredient list.

Pizza is very easy to make and comes together in less then half an hour. It tastes unbelievably delicious for being healthy and you hardly can feel the difference. My daughter is a huge fan and I make it for her all the time.

If you are looking for a wholesome and easy to make, very kid friendly pizza this recipe is right up your alley. Follow very simple instructions below to create this delicious pizza.