This cheese pizza recipe is for all the cheese lovers out there. There is nothing better then soft, pillow like dough that is topped with scrumptious homemade tomato sauce and gooey melty cheese unless it is a mixture of 3 delicious cheeses.

Yes this made from scratch pizza is loaded with not one but three luxurious cheeses, soft creamy mozzarella, silky, velvety fontina and sharp pungent grana padano. This pizza is phenomenal and is so much better then the take out or store bought one.

Because all these cheeses have low moisture content they have amazing melting qualities and that is exactly what we are looking for to crate the best pizza possible. Freshly grated Grana Padano cheese adds a wonderful savory note and is a perfect compliment to delicate tasting mozzarella and fontina.

This recipe calls for premade pizza dough as a convenient shortcut. You can purchase it at your neighborhood supermarket. But if you have time on your hands and feel inspired you can absolutely make your own. The sauce is made from scratch using aromatic garlic, fragrant Italian herbs, quark cheese and crushed tomatoes.

Pizza comes together in a short half an hour and is very easy to make. It is simple but is full of flavor and of coarse melty cheesy goodness. The taste and texture is balanced out with soft dough, savory, acidic sauce and rich, luscious cheese. This pizza is suitable for any occasion and is really cheese fans heaven.