Looking for a fresh and exiting recipe to make for a fun family gathering? This Chicago style deep dish pizza is right up your alley. Chicago style pizza is baked in a deep pan, which gives the pizza its distinct high edges providing an ample amount of space for melty cheese, hearty sauce and a bounty of toppings of your choice. Everyone loves pizza, you are guaranteed to impress your loved ones with this culinary masterpiece. And the best part is that you do not need to take a trip to the Windy City and can easily recreate this loaded pizza in the comfort of your own home with this wonderful recipe.

The dough is made from scratch producing flakey, insanely buttery thick crust that is steady enough to withstand the chunky, robust homemade tomato sauce and lots of gooey, melty cheese. The pizza is an ultimate carb comforting dish. Filled to the brim with sauce and cheese with a fragrant addition of sweet Italian sausage and olives.

But the topping combinations are endless, really whatever your heart desires, or whatever you personally like to add to your pizza. The recipe is a basic algorithm of making the dough and the sauce and then detailed description of assembling this mouthwatering masterpiece.

Recipe makes two Chicago style pizzas so you can top them with different toppings. Do not be intimidated by multiple steps of making this deep dish pizza. Once you get a hang of it is is actually pretty easy and for all your patience and effort you will be rewarded with amazing, delicious pizza that the whole family will love.