These little puppies are so cute, what with their muffin form and a dollop of ketchup glaze, that each time I make them I’m almost sorry to eat them. But boy, am I not sorry when I do eat them, because they are so delicious.

I usually make these meatloaf muffins when my daughter’s friends come over for play dates because they are so neat and cute and kids adore them. Oh, and they are so delicious, adults keep stealing them all the time!

I use a regular meatloaf set up for those babies. Ground beef, onions, bread soaked in milk or breadcrumbs, a tablespoon of melted butter to soften things up, since they are tiny, nothing special. I bake them using my favorite silicone muffin cups and they turn out adorable.

One little tip. When baking such small meatloaves, it will take much faster for them to get cooked, so keep that in mind when checking for readiness.

Served with traditional kiddie food and side dishes, such as carrot sticks and french fries, these are always a success with the little ones. Oh, and they are so simple to make, you can ask the kids to help you out and they will be able to do most of the work. A nice way to have a little bonding time together.

I hope you enjoy this lovely recipe as much as I do! Just follow the simple steps below.