Save yourself a trip to a fine dining restaurant and make this decadent and rich seafood risotto at home. It is a perfect date night meal combining creamy, luxurious risotto with succulent seafood. This dish is absolutely divine and restaurant worthy, arborio rice is slowly simmered with flavorful lobster stock and heavy cream and topped with muscles, clams, scallops and lobster tail pieces.

Risotto is a traditional Italian cooking technique where rice is cooked with broth until it reaches creamy consistency. Risotto does have a reputation for being fussy—and that’s not totally untrue. The dish requires a little attention and stirring, but at its core, it’s really just rice and broth topped with seafood.

I also add heavy cream to the broth for even more creaminess, and the sweetness of the cream balances out the saltiness of the salt water seafood creating a true masterpiece of flavors.

The secret to the complexity of seafood flavors in this risotto is to create a homemade seafood stock. It is a perfect base for building up the flavors together with aromatics like onions and garlic. Thats where the lobster tails come in play. We are boiling them, using the meat for the risotto and the shells to create made from scratch seafood stock.

You can use any of your favorite seafood in this risotto recipe, shrimp, scallops and shellfish all work great. Follow the simple instructions below for this special occasion dish full of exuberant flavors.