Not only this butternut squash risotto irresistibly delicious it is also wholesome. A complete win win situation for everyone. Made with whole grain brown rice and roasted butternut squash the risotto packs a powerful flavor and nutritious punch. And very easy to make, basically cooks itself in the oven without hour-long constant stirring at the stovetop.

Risotto is knows to be a fussy dish that requires constant hands on attention. But with the wonders of this amazing recipe, risotto simply bubbles way on its on in the oven with aromatic butternut squash neighbor being roasted right next to it. They are then combined with an addition of parmesan cheese and butter and topped with fragrant fried sage as a finishing touch.

This risotto is extremely satisfying and full of whole grains thanks to the brown rice but at the same time creamy and simply heavenly. The sweetness of roasted caramelized butternut squash balances wonderfully with hearty, rustic brown rice and savory parmesan cheese. Aromatics like garlic and onions together with white wine really intensify the flavors of the dish.

This risotto makes a delightful vegetarian dish, filling and nourishing dinner or a great side dish to any of your favorite proteins. And I am completely obsessed with the convenience of making it in the oven without having to stir it for fifty minutes straight. This beautiful, vibrant orange risotto will impress even the most sophisticated palettes.