Transport your guests to beautiful, sunny Italy with this delicious Asparagus risotto recipe. Creamy starchy risotto is un ultimate carb comforting dish that is dressed with crunchy asparagus, pretty green peas and a touch of fragrant fresh herbs. This recipe is fabulous and is very easy to make.

There is always an argument how to make the best possible risotto and there is as many different ways as it is Italian people. This recipe is a modified and simplified version that is fitted into the hectic modern lifestyle. There are a couple of steps that are emphasized for the best possible result though.

I really like to fry the rice for about two minutes to give it a more intense nuttier flavor. I think it really makes a difference in the taste. You can also fry it together with the white wine for even more flavor. At the same time I add the whole amount of broth all at once instead of ladling it by spoonfuls, like Italian grandmothers do, which is very time consuming, I guess it is a lazy way but it works. The end creaminess and the taste is really the same, I promise.

I also throw in the veggies together with the risotto according to their cookies time and they never get mushy. Fresh herbs and grated cheese make perfect finishing touches. The risotto is creamy, flowing like lava and no-one will ever know that you were not standing there stirring it for fifty minutes straight. Just follow simple instructions below for an amazing asparagus risotto.