Risotto is an indulgent, carb comforting dish that is very rich. This recipe for the faro risotto or farrotto is hearty and very nutritious and I can’t get enough of the chewy texture of this ancient grain. It is also very easy to make compared to the classic risotto with this no stirring method. The dish is infused with delicious woodsy mushrooms and aromatic thyme for a more complex flavors.

Farro is a grain that is shaped like rice with a golden brown hue and has a nutty flavor. It also has a chewy texture once cooked. It is a regular in classic Italian cooking. It comes from one of three wheat varieties: spelt, emmer, or einkorn. Since farro is a wheat product it is not gluten free. Once it is cooked it has amazing chewy, rustic texture and nutty, earthy flavor.

It also has way more nutritious benefits compared to rice. It is high in fiber, protein and iron. That is why this farrotto is very healthy and filling without empty calories.

It only has 15 minutes of cooking time with the rest of it faro just simply simmering away on the stove. There is no constant stirring needed and the dish basically cooks itself. Very convenient. The end result is extremely satisfying, chewy, tasty farro risotto that might become your favorite healthy risotto. Give this delicious recipe a try and you will be hooked.