I am absolutely addicted to the convenience of an instant pot. When you think of risotto you think of a fancy and elegant dish that is served in a fancy Italian restaurant with white table cloth. Making risotto at home seems like a daunting task, with hour long non stop stirring at the stove top. Risotto has a reputation of a fussy dish that needs constant hands-on attention, kinda like a baby.

But fear risotto no more with the magic of an instant pot. This amazing kitchen device will create this delicious dish for you without almost any effort and hassle. But there is absolutely no sacrifices in taste and creamy texture. The risotto is cheesy, irresistibly creamy and is done in a fraction of the time with half of the broth, and most importantly no constant stirring required.

This recipe is extra special because we are using not one but three different cheeses to make the risotto exceptionally tasty and extra creamy.

The recipe for the instant pot risotto is foolproof and is easy even for the beginner cooks. All you need is a few basic ingredients, instant pot and simple instructions. Sauté your aromatics like shallots first, add risotto rice to sauté in butter, glaze with the white wine, add warmed up broth and pressure cook. Add cheese as a finishing touch and serve as desired. This cheesy risotto makes a phenomenal side dish for your favorite proteins or can be enjoyed on its on as a main dish.